My New Year’s Resolution

For the past couple of years, I have espoused the benefits of social networking on the Internet for publishers and authors. I have asserted that social networking is a great avenue to use the Internet to promote and sell books. Social networking broadens the influential sphere of publishers and authors allowing them to reach more people with their message than a static website does. All this is done through connecting with other people on the various social networking mediums on the Web. Best of all social networking is free.

Many publishers and authors have asked me if I am using this mode for increasing my own sphere of influence. My answer has repeatedly been, “I would love to, if only I had more time.”

Well, thanks to Jay Ryan of Fourth Day Press ( I have begun the journey of social networking; although I actually don’t have any more time. You see Jay posted on a discussion group a link to a free webinar on using social networking for marketing. Since I already embrace this philosophy, I decided to check out what the webinar had to say. You, too, can listen to the webinar at The gentleman who presented the webinar, Perry Belcher, really had nothing to say that I did not already know about social networking (except for some cool statistics). However, he is an excellent motivator. After listening to his two hour seminar, I made it my New Year’s Resolution for 2009 to start social networking.

So here I am implementing my resolution. My first step is to set up a blog and actually start writing some posts. My next step will be to make a profile on Facebook. After that I will start social bookmarking, and become active on a book social networking.

My challenge to all you publishers and authors of my era (born before 1970), growing up when computers and the Internet were not a part of daily life, is to join me on this journey. Don’t just read my blog. Join me in actually social networking on the Internet. Together let’s increase our connections and sphere of influence to reach more people’s lives with the life changing message that is Jesus Christ.