My New Year’s Resolution

For the past couple of years, I have espoused the benefits of social networking on the Internet for publishers and authors. I have asserted that social networking is a great avenue to use the Internet to promote and sell books. Social networking broadens the influential sphere of publishers and authors allowing them to reach more people with their message than a static website does. All this is done through connecting with other people on the various social networking mediums on the Web. Best of all social networking is free.

Many publishers and authors have asked me if I am using this mode for increasing my own sphere of influence. My answer has repeatedly been, “I would love to, if only I had more time.”

Well, thanks to Jay Ryan of Fourth Day Press ( I have begun the journey of social networking; although I actually don’t have any more time. You see Jay posted on a discussion group a link to a free webinar on using social networking for marketing. Since I already embrace this philosophy, I decided to check out what the webinar had to say. You, too, can listen to the webinar at The gentleman who presented the webinar, Perry Belcher, really had nothing to say that I did not already know about social networking (except for some cool statistics). However, he is an excellent motivator. After listening to his two hour seminar, I made it my New Year’s Resolution for 2009 to start social networking.

So here I am implementing my resolution. My first step is to set up a blog and actually start writing some posts. My next step will be to make a profile on Facebook. After that I will start social bookmarking, and become active on a book social networking.

My challenge to all you publishers and authors of my era (born before 1970), growing up when computers and the Internet were not a part of daily life, is to join me on this journey. Don’t just read my blog. Join me in actually social networking on the Internet. Together let’s increase our connections and sphere of influence to reach more people’s lives with the life changing message that is Jesus Christ.

11 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution

  1. Sarah,

    Thanks for starting your blog and inviting us to that. I will definitely bookmark it and I really look forward to reading your posts.
    I joined facebook earlier this year and have set up not only my own personal profile but also a page for my company and a couple of groups. The payoff may not be huge at this point but it is just one additional marketing channel that is available at little or no cost.
    By the way, would love to see a CSPA group or page on Facebook!
    All the best to you in 2009!


  2. Hello Sarah,

    I wish you the best in this. My New Year’s Resolution is to get back to writing. I’ve been horribly negligent.

    I was pleasantly surprised to get your email, as on Sunday I was just showing your book to my son-in-law, who is interested in self-publishing my daughter’s book. I’ll send them a link to your blog.

    Also, please contact me when you set up on Facebook. Did you also consider setting up a group on FB for the CSPA? I would be sure to join and network there. I think starting a FB group is quite easy from what I hear.

    Many blessings on all your endeavors.


  3. John & Maxine:
    In regards to your idea about a group on Facebook for CSPA Publishers, I encourage you to hold on a couple of weeks. CSPA has something better coming.


  4. Hi Sarah,
    Looks like 09 is the year for a lot of people to finally get into the social networking game. Hope it’s profitable, because I can tell you that is does take time – time I’m not sure where is coming from for me either.
    Hey, I’m jealous that you have comments already! I started a blog a month ago and have NO comments! Waaa!
    Happy New Year and thanks for all you do for us.


  5. Hi Sarah,
    I too began a blog and the foray into the social networking arena. It has been well worth the effort with many new contacts and business leads. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, and I too have a Facebook account, so I look forward to connecting.
    Felice Gerwitz
    Media Angels, Inc.


  6. Hi Sarah,

    I am delighted with your blog! I look forward to it. I have just joined Facebook and I will join CSPA. Like John and Maxine I like the idea of a group on Facebook for CSPA publishers.

    As for my background. I am a preacher’s kid (from Kansas!) and spent the early part of my writing career in comedy. I was on the original writing staff for “The Monkees” TV show. I also wrote for “Love American Style.”

    After a major conversion experience, I have turned much of my writing toward my Christian faith. I specialize in writing about traditional, biblical Christianity, but do it from a non-traditional approach. I use humor and off-beat angles. For example, I wrote about my spiritual journey in my book, “Does GOD Ever Speak through CATS?” And I wrote a book of biblical cartoons in another book, “THE GOOD BOOK…of Bible Cartoons.” I have a strong belief that humor is a great gift to us and, properly used, can greatly nourish our life of faith.

    I would be delighted to connect with anybody on Facebook.

    Thanks for all your good work, Sarah!

    David Evans


  7. Hi Sarah, wow, I’m flattered that you would give me credit for simply posting a link!

    I’ve learned a couple quick things from that webinar that really work — you can post on Twitter for a few minutes a day and easily generate a handful of leads.

    For example, you can set up a Twitter auto-responder at and include your blog or website URL. When people follow you on Twitter, they’ll get your link sent to their account and many will click and read.

    In two weeks of casual tweeting, I’ve got 400 followers, many of which are targeted (Christian homeschoolers). This is a neat way to communicate and fun.

    Thanks for all the info you provide. God bless, jay (@JayRyanAstro)


  8. I thought you all might want to know about LinkedIn. Its a social network for professionals. I first heard about it from a tax client who was looking for a job. I have my CPA profile there and have joined several CPA groups, a nonprofit group and an author group. There is a Christian Self Pub Group there, but it’s still small and not very active. It’s more of a way for me to connect with my profession than generate customers, but it could grow.

    My teenage dds tell me I “can’t” be on Facebook, just like I “can’t” shop at Aeropostle-I guess it’s their territory! I might get a FB profile and befriend them anyway! Ha, ha!

    Carol Topp
    Author of Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out


  9. Hi Sarah, thank you for sending the link to your blog. Social networking is a wonderful opportunity to meet people. I’m sure we will meet up in a virtual mall somewhere. So what do you do when you
    have friends in multiple social networks and you have more networks netted together that you can’t keep up with who’s working the net? (smile)

    I think you get the picture…love your book. Awesome resource guide.



  10. Sarah,
    Way to go following through with your New Year’s resolution. If you are anything like me (and most others I know), it will be a struggle to learn how to keep your social networking time in check. It’s easy to spend too long at it. I believe it is worth the pain to find your own groove.

    I firmly believe that tools like Facebook and Twitter are changing the very nature of communication. It is imperative that we at least understand them… even better if we use them.



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