Thoughts on Amazon’s Holiday Season

Sales this past holiday season were the best ever for The online retailer reported that it had a 17 percent increase in orders on its busiest day. Amazon customers ordered more than 6.3 million items on Dec.15, compared with roughly 5.4 million on its peak day last year. Since is know as the largest online seller of books, I would love to say this is great news for publishers. However, since now sells almost every product under the sun, I don’t think this news necessarily means increased business for publishers.

I do think publishers should take note however.’s increased business may not mean more books being sold, but here is what it does mean: more people are purchasing products online, and that includes books. What this means for the small publisher is that the future of your business lies increasingly on the Internet.

Those publishers who do not embrace this and get onboard with marketing on the Internet are sure to lose in the long run. In today’s business climate, if you do not have a website, your business does not exist. Of course, a website is just the beginning. Publishers and authors must learn to harness the Internet to promote and sell their books.

There are so many options for promoting your books online. To start, you can do any of the following:

·      Capture emails from website visitors

·      Conduct an email campaign

·      Pay for advertising to drive traffic to your website

·      Find affiliates to promote your books

·      List your book on every free place available online

·      Join online discussion groups

·      Take a blog tour

·      Use social media to enlarge your circle and promote your books

Of course, there are more opportunities than can be listed here and each one I have listed has multiple channels of opportunity. If you are overwhelmed, then take one idea each month and tackle it.

I have already stated that my goal this year is to get fully onboard with social networking on the web. I am not doing this in one day. I am taking it one step at a time starting with a blog and moving onto creating and maintaining a social profile on Facebook.

I invite you to join me in harnessing the Internet to promote books and maybe make 2009 the most profitable year for you yet! Let’s share our experiences with one another so that we can learn from each other.



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