Free Publicity

Free publicity. It’s what every author looks to secure. The ultimate is free publicity on a major television talk show like Oprah. But, let’s face it, with about 25,000 Christian books published each year in the United States, an author’s chance of scoring face time on a major television talk show is fairly slim. However, free publicity itself is not elusive.

When I was doing fundraising for a small nonprofit organization, we used to say that the size of the donation was not important. What was more important was the quantity of people giving. Yes, every fundraiser likes to chase that big-time donation but in reality the bulk of donations generally came from individuals who were giving $20 to $100.

The same principle holds true for free book and author publicity, especially on the Internet. Yes, every author would love to have their book splashed across the websites that generate the most traffic. Yet, having your book and author name listed in a number of regular websites can add up to the one large publicity stunt.

Authors can use the free opportunities to list their books and biographies online to generate awareness of their books and increase their presence on the web.

Here are six websites that offer authors the opportunity to list their books for free.

·        OpenLibrary is a database of all books published, providing one web page for every book published. The site allows authors to list a biography and a link to a webpage or blog. If your book is not listed on the site, you can add it. OpenLibrary is an open source database that anyone can edit.

·        Filedby is a new website that is aiming to be another database of all books published. This site also allows authors to post a biography with a link to up to two websites.

·        BookHitch is a free book database. It is designed as a search engine for finding books. You can have your books listed for free on the website including where they can be purchased.

·        BooksXYZ is an Internet bookstore. The profits from the books sold on the site are used for education. Authors can submit their books to be sold on the site. BooksXYX pays the author a portion of each sale of the book.

·        Best Self Published is an online database that promotes self-published books. Self-published authors can list their books for free.

· is a website that offers information and resources for self-publishing. Self-published authors can add their book to the list of self-published books on the website for free.

There are many more websites that offer authors a free place to list their books and biographies. I did not even touch on the number of new Web 2.0 social networking sites that you can use to increase your publicity (that’s another blog entry). The sites listed here are just a starting place. Start today and use these websites to increase your free publicity and exposure on the web.

Have you used a traditional website not mentioned here that is a great source for free publicity?

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