Word Made Art

Let me share with you a new website I was recently introduced to. The site is called Wordle. You can find it at www.wordle.net. This great little site allows you to create art with words, or, as Wordle puts it, “word clouds.”

So what does word art have to do with marketing?

First of all, creating Wordles is just plain fun. The word clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. Creators can tweak their word clouds to feature different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.

Second of all, it’s great art for your promotional materials, your website, your blog, or even your profile picture for your social networks. The images you create on Wordle can be used however you like. Just save the images you create in jpeg format onto your computer.

One neat feature of Wordle is the ability to use an RSS feed to fetch the text for an art picture. You can enter any website that has an RSS feed and Wordle turns that website’s recent text into art. Here is this blog (www.marketingchristianbooks.wordpress.com) as a Wordle. mcb12

Another idea for using a Wordle in your promotional materials would be if you have a theme Bible verse for one of your books, your blog, or your website, you can turn that verse into a Wordle and post it online. Here is an example of a Bible-verse-turned-Wordle using John 1:1-3. mcb2

The best part is that using the Wordle website is free. The creator of Wordle is a part of IBM Research’s Visual Communication Lab. They are currently trying to understand how and why people are using Wordle. In exchange for using the site, I encourage you to take a few minutes to complete their short anonymous survey as a way to say thank you.

The creators of Wordle call it a toy. It truly is. One can get lost happily creating Wordles for hours. Happy Wordling!

Did you create a Wordle you want to share? I encourage you to post a link to your Wordle in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Word Made Art

  1. Thanks for showing us this site, it’s great. I have made a wordle and placed it on my blog. I am a South African living in Egypt and my blog is about our daily struggle to survive in this ancient of countries.


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