It Only Takes 12 Seconds

One of the things I love about marketing is that there really is no limit on what can be done to promote a product. A creative person can turn almost anything into a marketing gimmick. With all the new social networking tools popping up on the Internet, the field is ever-expanding for the availability of marketing ideas.

Take Pastor Andre Butler. He recently authored the book Not in My House. This book deals with Biblical principles of money management and applying these so that the current recession does not disable you and your household. His website incorporates a great little marketing gimmick using social networking techniques. He invites his readers to post their own unique video message saying, “Not in My House.” You can view the webpage at

What smart marketing! Pastor Butler has invited his readers to engage with his book and help him promote his message.

Some new applications online have made it easier to include this type of feedback on your own website. Ease of use and ease of application are both extremely valuable when asking your readers to engage with you and help promote your books in this fashion. The easier the application, the more people will actually do it.

One such application is This cool website is to YouTube what Twitter is to Blogs. The idea behind 12seconds is that you can share what you are doing with people in your life through quick, simple video taken from your cell phone. Only 12 seconds because they believe anything beyond that is boring. The video is taken from your phone and can be emailed to the site or posted directly from the cell phone unto the website.

With this cool application, people can do a 12 second video on their cell phone from any place they currently are and post it. Better yet, with 12seconds, you don’t have to wait for your customers to do the work; you can make it easy for them by using your own cell phone to video tape testimonials. As an author or publisher, you can use your own phone to interview people and get testimonials for your books wherever you are. These quick 12 second videos can then be posted to your website for use in your marketing campaign.

Take a few minutes to check out and let me know if you make a 12 second video and where you post it.