The New Author

Technology is rapidly changing the landscape for marketing books. A few years ago, authors were encouraged to have a website and develop a mailing list (email and snail mail) for their fan base to maintain contact and market their current and upcoming titles to. However, the new interactive Web 2.0 has changed how authors are expected to market their books.

The number of Web 2.0 user-created content websites that authors can use to promote their books is increasing on a daily basis. Keeping up and learning how to use each of these time-consuming activities to promote books can be confusing and overwhelming.

Dennis Cass, an author with HarperCollins, recently created a very funny video with his take on what is expected of authors from their publishers in marketing their books. I think Dennis has done a great job of encapsulating many authors’ feelings in his video that is posted on YouTube.

Do you feel like Dennis?