The Things We Need to Know

Wouldn’t it be great if one book carried all the information an author or publisher needed to know? It is amazing to me the vast array of information one needs to complete all the tasks an author or publisher must in the course of producing and selling books.

Once we have been at this business for awhile, we tend to forget what newbies don’t know. Of course we remember the big stuff that they need to know, it’s the more mundane things we forget.

Just the other day, I had an interaction that highlighted this phenomenon for me. At the recent Christian Book Expo in Dallas, I met a wonderful fellow social-worker-by-trade-turned-author Christian lady. She had self-published her book. After the show, she ordered a copy of my book Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace.

After receiving the book in the mail, this author sent the following email:

I got Sarah’s book yesterday and promptly ordered the mailer it was sent in from ULINE. I’d been looking for a source. Nice. The book looks helpful, too, of course!

That email made my day. It’s great to know that someone has received benefit from ordering my book without even having to read it.mailer

Mailers for books! I had forgotten that new authors and publishers might not know where to order mailers in bulk at a great discount. Buying them at Office Depot, Office Max, or Staples is not cost effective.

For mailers, I personally prefer Uline ( They have a large selection, good service, and a great price.

Where do you buy your mailers?