Children’s Book Week

Children’s Book Week, sponsored by Children’s Book Council (CBC), runs May 11 through May 17 this year. This event is designed to encourage children to read books. CBC encourages schools, libraries, booksellers, and communities to organize events to get children excited about reading.

If you are an author of a Children’s book, hop aboard this week to promote, promote, and promote your book. The possibilities are as vast as your creative mind can imagine.childrens-book-week1

Although it may be late in the game to book a reading at a local library or book store for this event, it never hurts to ask. Ask around your town to see if you can set up a reading of your book with an autograph party afterwards for next week. Offer something free for the kids to entice them to come. Make sure that whatever you offer for free ties into your book, your book’s message, or your book’s characters in some way. It need not be expensive. For example, an author with a book about a friendly ghost could hand out Tootsie Roll lollipops covered with a tissue, tied with a piece of yarn, with eyes drawn on using a black marker. Remember those lollipop ghosts from when you were a kid? The author would advertise it as Come listen to the author read The Friendly Ghost and receive your own ghost to take home.”

Booking an event at a local school or local church might be more easily accomplished at this late date. Check with your church’s library to see if you can offer something special for children after services on Sunday, May 17. If you have a book geared for the preschool audience, you should have no end of possibilities for next week. Daycare and preschool centers abound in the United States.  Call a few local ones and see if you might make a special appearance to read your book to a few classes. Leave the kids each a gift along with promotional literature about your book and how to order it. You might even arrange a “special” for the week and see if the center would be willing to sell your books. Allow the center to keep a few dollars of each sale and you have given them an incentive to sell your book for you.

Another avenue to connect with kids and their parents is to contact your local moms’ groups and see if you can make an appearance at a playgroup or book a special reading event for the group.

More information about Children’s Book Week can be found at

I invite you to share with me how you plan to promote your book during Children’s Book Week.


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