Are You a Smart Marketer?

I love smart marketers!

Let me tell you about one.  Lisa Umina of Halo Publishing is a smart marketer.

And look! Because she is a smart marketer, she is getting more coverage for her book on my blog.

Smart marketing with a good internet presence builds upon itself. The technical term for this is “going viral.” Lisa understands this.

Lisa’s book, Milo and the Green Wagon: A Life Lesson to Give, won the Children’s category of the 2009 Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award (

As soon as Lisa received the notice that she had won, she immediately sent out an email to her mailing list announcing the award. The email featured a cover of the book with a logo of the award.

Next, Lisa got on the phone with the local newspaper reporters in her area and told them that her book had just won a book award, garnering some media coverage.

After that, Lisa paid to have a press release sent to the Christian media using Christian Newswire ( Her announcement got picked up and received coverage in various blogs and on news sites around the Internet.

What about you? Are you a SMART marketer? Ask yourself the following questions:question_mark_3d

  • Do you seize every opportunity?
  • Does your marketing message show how your book meets a need?
  • Do your marketing efforts include a call to action to capture readers?
  • Is your marketing work regular and continual?
  • Are your marketing efforts targeted at the specific population your book is geared to?

If you answered no to one or more of the questions above, don’t despair. There is always room for improvement. You can start today.

One of the reasons I recently launched a book-marketing coaching service for Christian authors is that I want everyone to be a smart marketer. You can learn more about this service at my newly redesigned website at

More SMART marketing ideas are always welcome. Share yours with me.


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