Meeting Needs

Greg Stielstra, author of PyroMarketing, says good marketing is simply “finding people with a need and connecting them with a product that will meet their need. The deeper the need, the easier the process is. Marketing and ministry are nearly indistinguishable when the two are done right.” By the way, Greg has made his book PyroMarketing available as a free audio download on his website at

Christian books fill needs. Nonfiction Christian books usually speak to a specific need. Christian children’s books meet needs in regards to teaching children Biblical values, Godly conduct, and virtues (at least they should). Fiction books even meet needs beyond just wholesome leisure reading that uplifts the spirit and doesn’t pollute the mind.

Your book meets a need. All you have to do is figure out what need it meets and then find people with that need. The rest is a slam dunk.

Promoting a book is like being a missionary. Missionaries don’t sit at home and wait for people who need Jesus to come to them. They go “into all the world” and seek the lost. Many of the lost don’t even know they have a need for Jesus until they come into contact with a missionary who shows them their need.

The same is true for authors. If you sit at home, people will not show up on your doorstep telling you they have a need that your book can meet. You have to go into the world and tell people that your book can meet their need.

As Christians, sometimes we have difficulty with self-promotion because we know that pride is a sin. We know that we must strive for humility and that another should praise us and not ourselves (Proverbs 27:2). I think that looking at marketing your book as meeting a need is liberating. If you are telling people that you have something to meet a need in their life, you are not promoting yourself, you are serving others.

Seek out the people who need your book. Show them how your book meets a need in their life. Make sure all your marketing materials include this information. Book promotion with this attitude becomes ministry and a service you can offer to God.

What need does your book meet?

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2 thoughts on “Meeting Needs

  1. what a great perspective on marketing. I have never thought of marketing in terms of “Promoting a book is like being a missionary. Missionaries don’t sit at home and wait for people who need Jesus to come to them. They go “into all the world” and seek the lost.”

    Marketing is always scary and many just hate it all together, but you have really challenged us to look at it in a different way. I will pass the tip to my friends and readers.

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Thank you for the comment Maria. I know that looking at marketing as meeting needs and therefore a ministry has greatly helped me feel less intimidated by marketing.


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