A Call to Action

On one discussion group of authors and publishers that I belong to a publisher posted a long discourse on her publishing company. The subject line stated that her post was an update on her publishing company. The post itself was a lengthy discourse on her frustration around the lack of response her marketing and promotion efforts had produced. She felt that the activities she engaged in did little to bring sales or web traffic to her site.

It was clear that she was frustrated. What was not clear was whether her post was just a venting session or whether she was asking for suggestions and ideas to better market her books.  In essence her post lacked a call to action.

I was tempted to respond to her post. My response would have been: If your marketing efforts lack the clear call to action that your post just did, no wonder you are not seeing results. Of course, I thought this a little harsh and since she asked for nothing, I gave nothing.megaphone

The same is true with our marketing efforts. If we ask nothing, people will do nothing.

Include a call to action in your marketing efforts. Use words like “call now,” “visit the website,” “take advantage of this month’s special,” and “order your copy today.” People are susceptible to suggestions. We are sheep. If you direct us, we will go. Where you lead we will follow.

Smart marketers get this concept. Churches don’t just ask you to donate your money; they pass around an offering plate during services to suggest you do it now.

Call your target audience to action and you will get results.

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2 thoughts on “A Call to Action

  1. I’ve often wondered if using words like that (“buy it now”) really work. Seems kinda pushy and, for me, I tend to steer away from pushy sales people. However, I know not everyone is like me – thus the reason we have pushy sales people. ;>)

    Do you have some statistics that show an advertising campaign with ‘calls to action’ vs. one without?

    I would just love to see some hard statistics on this.


  2. Statistics on this do exist. I have seen some. I just don’t have them at my fingertips right now. I also know it is a commonly talked-about strategy in marketing.


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