Authors Take Note

one-lovely-blog-awardLynnette Bonner will have her first fiction novel, Rocky Mountain Oasis, published later this year. In anticipation of having her first book published and to begin to build a platform for marketing, Lynnette has created a blog.

Lynnette is way ahead of many new authors when it comes to marketing. Her book has not even reached print and she has started marketing. Way to go Lynnette!

Lynnette is working on gathering a loyal readership for her blog. Generating traffic for her blog allows Lynnette to build the number of potential readers for her upcoming book and increases her circle of influence.

To increase her blog following, Lynnette has been actively reading blogs by other Christian writers. She frequently comments on these blogs, creating exposure for her own blog.

One strategy some bloggers use to increase awareness and new readers for a blog is to give a moving blog award. Here is how it works. One blogger gives the award to a few blogs she follows. First, the blogger highlights the blogs in a blog post, and then she notifies the bloggers of the award through posting a comment on each blog that she has chosen to present the award to. Each award-winning blog is then asked to pass the award on to other blogs; keeping the award moving around the web.

This blog, Marketing Christian Books, was a grateful recipient of Lynnette’s “One Lovely Blog Award” last week. So, now I can say that I have an award-winning blog. Thank you Lynnette!

Each blog Lynnette has presented the award to will at least mention her blog on their blog when they pass on the award. This nets Lynnette further coverage on the blogosphere. As for this blog, not only have I mentioned Lynnette’s blog, I have also told you about her upcoming book.

Way to seize a great marketing opportunity Lynnette! Authors take note!

Stay tuned, I will pass the One Lovely Blog Award on.

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2 thoughts on “Authors Take Note

  1. Lynnette’s blog is how I found this blog, so she really is working toward building her platform for marketing. I’ve only had my blog for about four months and I have already met many other authors and readers, it’s been wonderful! I’d definitely recommend a blog for new writers or writer’s working their way toward publishing.


  2. Wow! Thanks for the nice kudos. I was just swinging by because I remembered an article of yours that I wanted to look at again and wow! there I am on your blog! 🙂

    Blogging is a lot of work, but well worth the effort. I just started up a group blog this week too, with a couple cyber friends of mine. ( I’ve never met them personally but got to know them through The internet is a very powerful tool that new authors can use. Any you’ll find yourself making friends along the way.


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