Your Book on a T-Shirt!

Ever thought of putting your book on a t-shirt? It’s cheap (under $10) and offers a great way to advertise your book to everyone you come in contact with.

Better yet, purchase 20 t-shirts with your book cover image. Put your website information on the back and give them to all your friends (for free of course). Each time your friends wear the shirts, you will get publicity for your book.

To get the most of your t-shirt, pick a snazzy color and make sure your images are attractive to draw attention.

Think this is an odd idea?  Think again.

Jason Sadler is a creative entrepreneur. He is wearing t-shirts for money.t-shirts

Jason decided to wear a different shirt for 365 days straight this year. Companies are paying Jason to wear their shirt for one day. Jason takes pictures of himself in each shirt and blogs about the shirt and the company on his blog.

Each day Jason wears a shirt this year is being sold at “face value.” In other words, January 1 cost the company a $1.00 to have Jason wear their shirt. December 31 will cost a company $365 to have Jason wear their shirt. Jason has currently sold all but about 30 days of 2009.

So, to have Jason wear your t-shirt and blog about the shirt and your book for one day in 2009 would cost you over $300. To have your friends wear your t-shirt multiple times over the next year or more would cost you under $200.

Do the math, then go Google t-shirt printing companies.

TweetIt from HubSpot


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