One Creative Book Promotion Idea

Here is an interesting book promotion idea. Magnetic signs for your vehicle featuring your book.

The author in this video has a great idea, but poor execution. This author has had magnetic signs made for her van. She has posted these signs on the sides and back of her van to generate exposure and interest for her book as she drives around.

I think this is a fairly creative idea.

However, if you choose to have magnetic signs made for your vehicle; do not make the same mistakes this author made. Her mistakes include:

  • The sign is not enough like a billboard. It has waaaaay to many words to read – especially while driving. The only time people will read these signs are when this van is parked in a parking lot or stopped at a long traffic light.
  • The website listed on the signs in no way relates to the title of the book. For someone to check this book out, they must remember both the website URL and the title of the book. Once they are on the website, they have to search for the book. That’s poor advertising. The website should be the title of the book. Then interested folk only need to remember one thing.

If you decide to make magnetic signs for your car, please send me pictures! I promise, I will go easy on my critique.

TweetIt from HubSpot

4 thoughts on “One Creative Book Promotion Idea

  1. It is a great idea Cheryl. Just make sure that your letters and images can be seen from a good distance. Let me know how yours turns out. Send me a photo and I will put it on my blog if it’s a good example of how to do this.


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