Never Too Smart to Learn

I love getting together with other publishers and authors. There is always so much that I can learn from others in this business.

Earlier this month, at Publishers’ Institute: Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs at ICRS, I learned a number of things from the other two speakers who presented. I am going to share with you one of the things I learned.

Anne Fenske photoAnne Fenske, Publisher, Grace Acres Press, did a presentation on Juggling the Publishing Plates: Time Management for Entrepreneurial Publishers. One of the things Anne shared concerned the importance of contracts. As a publisher, I know contracts are important. I would never think of publishing someone’s work without first having a signed contract.

Anne reminded those of us who publish our own works that we need a contract with ourselves. When you own the publishing company and you are publishing one of your own books it is easy to forget that you still need to have a contract signed between yourself as the publisher and yourself as the author for rights and royalties.

Thank you, Anne, for this good advice! I need to do this and I will.

Publishers’ Institute: Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs was packed with more great information for publishers and authors.

I am excited to announce that Publishers’ Institute is now available in audio format!

For just $16.00 you can download and listen to this great two hour seminar for publishers (authors will benefit also). The download includes the audio of the seminar as well as an outline from each speaker in PDF format.

To download Publishers’ Institute: Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs presented at ICRS 2009 click here.

You will find listening to Publishers’ Institute is well worth the money you spend and the time you invest. Most other organizations charge over $50 for you to get this same information.

May you never grow too dull to learn.

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