Use a Twitter Contest to Sell More Books

Tony Eldridge wrote and self-published an adventure novel. After immersing himself in marketing his book, he has decided to position himself as an expert on marketing tips for authors.

To do this, Tony started a website and a blog. He then jumped on Twitter and began to collect a following which he continually points back to his website and blog.Twitter

Tony wants to increase his following (currently over 2,400 people) on Twitter so that he can enlarge his circle of influence.

To accomplish this, Tony has created a Twitter contest. Anyone is eligible to enter his contest and one lucky winner will win a prize package. The prize package Tony is offering has 13 prizes that include references tools and consultations to help an author effectively market a book. These prizes are all from top names in book marketing. My book, Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace, Second Edition, is one of the 13 book marketing gems Tony is offering in his prize package.

Remember, Tony’s goal is to increase his Twitter following and enlarge his circle of influence.

So, here is what he is having people do to enter his Twitter contest to be eligible for the great prize package he is offering:

  1. Anyone wanting to enter the contest must retweet the message Tony gives. The message must be sent exactly as Tony words it.
  2. Anyone wanting to enter the contest must follow Tony on Twitter.

Anyone completing these two steps will automatically be entered into Tony’s contest to have a shot at winning his great prize package. Tony’s contest ends Sunday, August 16th. If you want to learn more about Tony’s specific Twitter contest, visit his website.

Twitter contests can be a good marketing strategy to increase your circle of influence and get the word out about your books to more people. Consider a Twitter contest of your own if you are looking to increase your followers on Twitter and find more fans for your books.

TweetIt from HubSpot

1 thought on “Use a Twitter Contest to Sell More Books

  1. Sarah, thanks for the post on my Twitter contest. Holding contests was a technique I used when I was the Director of Sales and Marketing of a company that created video training tutorials. It was a great way for us to get our brand out in the market. The same can be true of authors, and really, anyone with a product or service they want to build a brand around.


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