The Book vs. Kindle

Green Apple Books, a bookstore, recently decided to do a tongue-in-cheek look at a book versus the Kindle. They are running ten video episodes, each looking at one difference between a book and the Kindle.

I love to read books. I keep the books I like so I can use them as references or loan them to people I think need the information contained in each book. I am always saying to people, “I have just the book you need.” My friends have said to me, “You have a book for everything.” I take this as a compliment.

Using a Kindle to read books takes away the element of sharing a book. Since each Kindle user is licensed to download the book for his or her Kindle only, Kindle users can’t share a book they love with a friend unless they give that friend their Kindle.

This video takes a humorous look at this issue.

TweetIt from HubSpot

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