Take a Twitter Book Tour

One of the newest ways to promote a book through social media is to take a Twitter book tour.

A Twitter tour is where an author shows up on Twitter for a designated time or times and answers questions from fans. Since it is Twitter, each question must be kept to 140 characters and each answer is only 140 characters. Everyone attending the tour can see all the questions and answers.

Recently, Joseph Finder, the author of the new book Vanished, hosted a Twitter book tour. Here is how it worked. Joseph designated one hour on three different days that he would be available for questions on Twitter. Then during that time, anyone could post a question to Joe by simply using a subject tag called a hashtag. The hashtag Joe used was his name, #JosephFinder. Joe then followed all the tweets with his hashtag and answered each one.04_04_5_prev

If you want to learn more about Joseph Finder’s Twitter book tour, visit his website or login to Twitter and search for the hashtag #JosephFinder.

If you are releasing a new book soon, consider adding a Twitter book tour to your marketing plan. Make sure to promote your Twitter tour like any other event. Generate enough buzz and you might have a great Twitter conversation about your new book with potential readers.

Another author did a similar book tour on Facebook. She used her fan page to have fans post questions on the page’s wall that she answered during a given period of time.

Let me know if you schedule a Twitter book tour for your next book.

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