Book Buying Behavior

Last month, Bowker released a report based on data from their collections. Bowker is the exclusive agency for monitoring information pertaining to ISBNs and SANs and maintains Books In Print, a list of nearly all English-language books available within the United States.

Bowker’s report, titled “2008 U.S. Book Consumer Demographics and Buying Behaviors Annual Report,” provides insights into who is buying books and what motivates them to buy.self_help_library_home

The report costs $999 to purchase, but Bowker has released a few of the report’s finding to entice buyers to purchase the report.  Here are a few of the findings in the report:

  • 57 percent of book buyers are women.
  • These 57 percent purchase 65 percent of the books sold in the United States.
  • While women made the majority of purchases in the paperback, hardcover, and audio-book segments, men made 55 percent of the ebook purchases.
  • Generation X (born early1960’s to late 1970’s) consumers buy more books online than any other demographic group, with 30 percent of them buying their books through the Internet.
  • 21 percent of book buyers said that they became aware of a book through some sort of online promotion or ad.

Stop and think about these statistics and their implications.

  1. Women purchase more books then men, but men purchase more ebooks. That means that your advertising and promotions should take gender into consideration. Your marketing campaigns might be more effective if you are targeting men for ebook sales and women for print book sales.
  2. Online advertising and promotions are important. One-fifth of all book buyers became aware of a book online. Don’t grow weary in promoting your book on the Internet. It is an important medium for marketing.
  3. Are your books easy to purchase online? If your books sell to Generation X consumers, they must be readily available for online purchases.

Don’t overlook statistics. They can be great guides in helping you develop an effective book promotion campaign.

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