What is Your Level of Book Marketing Expertise?

I recently had an inquiry from an author considering purchasing my book, Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace.

This author’s concern was that my book might be for “beginners” and since she had already published a book and done some marketing she did not want to waste her money on a book that only gave the “basics.”

I couldn’t help wondering “Since when is a one book author no longer a ‘beginner’ at book marketing?” I am inclined to think that this is the very definition of a “beginning” book marketer. Maybe after the third or fourth book, one can claim to be an “amateur” book marketer.yg2-front

This author went on to say in her email that she “could not afford distribution.”

Every “amateur” book marketer should know that distribution is one of the fundamentals in marketing a book. The more places your book is available for sale, the more sales you will make.

Among her marketing and sales endeavors, this author listed Twitter, Facebook, an unfocused blog, and cold-calling bookstores. She was writing me to find out what my book would give her in terms of resources that she could not find herself.

All the marketing efforts this author listed are good endeavors, but it is clear to me that she lacks a comprehensive marketing plan. Her efforts are unfocused and scattered. She is also lacking in some of the more important marketing endeavors, including endorsements and reviews, which are integral to a good marketing plan.

I kindly let the author know that the resources in Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace took years of research and knowledge acquired from assisting publishers in marketing their Christian books for me to accumulate. In addition, I directed her to the reviews listed on the book’s website where publishers report that, after years of publishing and marketing experience, they still found valuable and useful information in the book.

Maybe I need to develop a quiz that authors can take to rate their level of marketing expertise so that they know if they really need the information listed in my book.

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