The Great Marketing Shift

Social media is here to stay. It is changing the landscape for marketing. As with any new technology, we must embrace it to succeed or go the way of the dinosaurs.

Some social media statistics boggle my mind.  Here are a few:

  • 47 percent of U.S. adult Internet users use online social networks.
  • If YouTube were a country, it would be the third most-populated place in the world.
  • 20 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube by users every single minute.
  • More than 120 million users log on to Facebook at least once each day.
  • Users who access Facebook through a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Blackberry, are almost 50 percent more active than those who don’t.

The popularity of social media is changing the way businesses market effectively. There is a transition taking place from shouting to conversation. People are shifting from using traditional media to social media such as blogs and status updating sites such as Twitter to keep abreast of news.

To succeed in marketing with social media, authors and publishers need a strategy. It is not enough to have a blog and a Facebook and Twitter account. A strategy that capitalizes on these tools is required.

Not sure how to develop this type of strategy? Help is available.

Digital Book World, is hosting a free webinar on “Marketing in the Digital Age: Batteries Not Included” on Wednesday, November 11 at 1pm Eastern Time. This webinar will feature panelists talking about new media influencers, and integrating social media into overall marketing strategies. You can sign up to participate in this free webinar here.

Like it or not, to succeed in marketing in today’s digital era, a social media strategy is required.

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