Do You Give Books as Gifts?

I think that anyone involved in the publishing industry, whether you are an author, publisher, distributor, bookseller, editor, publicist, or literary agent, should give books as gifts.


1. It’s good for business.

Giving books as gifts means more books are being purchased. This is good for business. We need books to sell to keep the business of publishing and selling books alive and active. The more people you expose to a good book, the more people you win as enthusiastic fans who will help you promote that book, resulting in more book sales.

2. It promotes reading.

According to statistics, reading is decreasing in the United States. Giving books as gifts encourages people to read. The more people read, the more books they purchase. It’s simple math.

3. Books have the power to change lives.

Ultimately, only Jesus has the power to transform lives, but books still have the power to change people’s lives. Books provide people with insight and information that can help them learn to think and act in new ways. Most importantly, good Christian books can lead people to a better understanding and relationship with God.

I encourage you to give books as gifts this Christmas season and throughout the year. Books make wonderful gifts and last a long time.

Need some ideas of good books to give as gifts this Christmas? Let me suggest you check out the great books offered by member publishers of Christian Small Publishers Association. Just click on the CSPA 2009 Product catalog below and flip through it to be inspired!

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