Do You Have a “Can Do” Attitude?

I recently officially turned one year older. For my birthday, my daughter gave me a refrigerator magnet. She told me that magnet reminded her of me.

The magnet has a picture of a woman from the World War II era with her bicep flexed saying “We Can Do It!”

I was touched. I do have a “we can do it” attitude, but I had not realized that this attitude had filtered down to my elementary-aged child. I am pleased that she sees me as a “can do” person. I hope that she also adopts a “can do” attitude.

There have been a few times when my “can do” attitude has gotten me in trouble. Trying to rearrange heavy furniture all by myself because I thought I could do it put me in bed with back pain for a few days.

However, for the most part, my “can do” attitude has served me well. It helped me give birth to my children naturally without the use of drugs. It carried me through two international moves with my family of four in a six month time span without a nervous breakdown. It assisted me in teaching myself how to groom my own Standard Poodle well enough that people stop and asked me where I have my dog groomed.

Most importantly, it has helped me write, publish and market books.

Every author needs a “can do” attitude.

A “can do” attitude does not allow you to become paralyzed by fear.

A “can do” attitude forges you into new territory that you have not explored before.

A “can do” attitude overcomes obstacles and turns them into challenges.

Where do you need a “can do” attitude? Has God called you to write something and fear is holding you back? Do you need to enter the realm of media interviews to better promote your book, but the unknown in this new territory holds you back? Are you facing an obstacle that looks too big to overcome?

Claim a new “can do” attitude today. Ask God to assist you and rely on him to carry you through. Remember, God is able to immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine according to His power that is at work within us.

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