Are You Easy to Find?

I recently listened to a webinar on social media. The two people presenting the webinar had developed a program to help individuals use social media to promote their business. Of course, the program cost money, but the webinar to get people to purchase the program was free.

The presenters covered many basics in using social media to promote products including the importance of developing a strategy of how you will use social media and deciding what you want your return on investment to be. They also discussed common mistakes people make when using social media to promote products.

I was not interested in purchasing the program, but I was interested in following the presenters on Twitter and Facebook; two social media sites that they use.

I visited both presenters’ websites and blogs to find out how to follow them on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook. I was shocked to find that their webpages and blogs did not provide any links to their social media presence.

I wonder how two individuals who have developed a program to help people use social media have missed such an important element of social media strategy.

One of the most important strategies in Internet promotion is:

Make Yourself Easy to Find.

Your website should host links to your blog and your social networking profiles like Twitter, Facebook, and your YouTube channel. Your blog should host the same links.

Social media is not just about finding “new” customers; it’s also about staying connected with your established customers. If your customers can’t find you on social networking sites via your business website or blog, you have missed an important element of a solid social media strategy for promoting your products.

It’s actually very easy to find free icons for social media sites that you can use on your website and blog to encourage your customers to connect with you on social networking sites. These icons are set up so that customers who click on them will be taken directly to your profile.

Check out the following websites for some great icons for the larger social networking sites:

These sites either give you a jpeg of the button for you (or your webmaster) to put on your site and add a link to your profile, or they make it really easy and do all the work for you. For example, Social Media Buttons lets you pick a button you like, then you put in your Twitter or Facebook profile name on their site, and the site generates an HTML code that you can put on your website or blog to display the icon.

Of course, you can always just use a text link if you don’t want images. Whatever you do, make yourself easy to find.

TweetIt from HubSpot


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