Do You Read?

In conversations, people frequently say to me, “How do you know about that?” or “I’m amazed at how many things you know.”

I don’t know the things I know because I am smarter than most people. Rather, I know a number of things that the average person in American is not aware of because I read. I read more than the average American.

I read all the time. I read newspapers, blogs, magazines, and books. Always in the middle of reading two or three books at once, I prefer reading to watching television.

Reading introduces me to all sorts of ideas and concepts I might not run across in everyday conversations.

Just the other day, I learned that the game Monopoly is now being made without paper money. Monopoly can now be played with credit cards accompanied by a scanner that players swipe their cards through to debit or credit money. I discovered this interesting tidbit while reading Cashless by Mark Hitchcock.

Not too long ago, I received a call from a gentleman who was looking to publish a book he wrote. He called to ask me information on how to start his own publishing company to publish his book.

Rather than conduct a whole workshop for one man over the telephone, I directed this gentleman to a number of books that would walk him through the process of starting a publishing company and publishing his book.

His response, “I’m not into reading.”

Not into reading? How can he expect to find people to read his book? If he is not into reading, why does he want to publish a book?

Is what he has to say so wonderful, that all the other hordes of people not into reading will actually decide to read just his book to glean from his wisdom?

The number of people who actually read books is on the decline in America. If we, the producers of these books, do not, ourselves, read, then who do we think we will sell our books to?

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