Selling Books in the Christian Market

I was recently interviewed on the Christian Authors Show, an internet radio show that showcases authors of Christian books.

In the interview I discuss marketing Christian books and how selling books in the Christian marketplace differs from selling books in the secular market.

Click the link below to listen to what I had to say.

Sarah Bolme on the Christian Authors Show

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5 thoughts on “Selling Books in the Christian Market

  1. As a Christian author myself, I appreciate your blog and would LOVE to talk with you a bit more on the topic of marketing of my books! Many thanks!


  2. Thanks for the feedback Andy. If you find my blog informative and are looking for more information on marketing Christian books, you might want to check out my book “Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace” at It’s full of great ideas, tips, and resources. I also offer a personalized consulting service for marketing that you can find out more about on the same website.


  3. I wrote a book this year called, “What It Means When God Goes On Strike”, about my family’s struggle amid the Air Traffic Controller’s Strike of 1981 and I have to say that the process of getting the book out was almost as enlightening as the revelations that God has blessed me with. I had kept a journal through the most difficult times because I was embarrassed to speak with anyone about my situation. There were times when I went hungry to make sure my family had enough to eat. I had kept my pain in all these years and late last year, I spoke with my son about wanting to get my book published. The words that he used in response were along these lines: “What’s stopping you?” He explained that he had already self-published a children’s book and told me what I needed to do to get my book ready for market. Once I followed his instructions, it was within a month before the first copy was in my hands.

    Since releasing my book, I have been to book signings, given talks and started a blog. The cathartic book became even more impactful because I have been contacted by other strike survivors who thanked me for telling the story behind the scenes.

    The book is available at major, Barnes and Noble, Borders and my own website, I would love to hear from my readers their reactions to my story.

    Cathy Langston


  4. Greetings Sarah, I enjoyed your radio interview and will visit your website. I am just now setting up my blog here at Word Press. I have Muskrat Books and wrote: “I Am, the Great Creator God”. Blessings, Haven


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