The Unseen World

There is a whole new world on the Internet. Right now it is unseen to me and millions of other Internet users.

In this world, a conversation is taking place. If you don’t have the tool needed to be part of the conversation, you don’t even know it’s there.

It is sort of like the spiritual battle that rages around us. The Bible tells us that everyday there is a spiritual battle going on around us in the unseen world. This battle is occurring between the angels that serve God and the fallen angels (demons) that serve Satan. Most of us are utterly unaware of this battle. We can’t hear what these spiritual beings are saying or see what they are doing.

But I’m not talking about an unseen spiritual battle. I’m talking about an unseen conversation on the Internet. Just as those who don’t know Jesus Christ are oblivious to the spiritual warfare taking place, most Internet users are oblivious to a conversation that is happening on the Internet.

I’m talking about a tool called Google Sidewiki. This little tool is an add-on to your Internet browser. Put it in your browser and you can tune into the conversation. Without it, you are left out. You don’t even know that a conversation is taking place.

Google Sidewiki allows Internet users to comment on any website on the Internet. The comment does not actually “stick” to the website. It stays in the Google Sidewiki. The average person visiting the website cannot read the comments made with Google Sidewiki. To read and reply to comments, other Internet users must also have the Google Sidewiki installed in their Internet browser.

People who love the interactive aspect of the Internet love Google Sidewiki. With Google Sidewiki, you can read and reply to any comment that another Google Sidewiki user has made on any given website.

Those without Jesus Christ are unaware of the struggle in the spiritual realm and those without Google Sidewiki are completely unaware of the conversation that is happening in cyberspace. If you have Jesus Christ you recognize the signs of the spiritual battle and if you have Google Sidewiki, you can know exactly what anyone is saying about any website you visit (including your own).

While I would rather have Jesus Christ than anything else, Google Sidewiki might be a nice tool to add to my repertoire.

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