Need a Book Scanned?

Project Gutenberg offers over 100,000 free ebooks to consumers. All of the books that Project Gutenberg offers contain expired copyrights, meaning the books are public domain books.

To be able to offer public domain books as ebooks (all were published prior to advent of personal computers), Project Gutenberg enlisted thousands of volunteers to scan print books into a computer. Scanning books is an arduous task. Each page must be scanned and saved, taking hours to digitalize one book.

A new invention in Japan has changed this labor-intensive task of scanning books and making them available in digital format. This new page-flipping scan program can scan a whole book in minutes (this is not an  April Fool’s joke).

Such an invention will be a wonderful boon to projects such as Project Gutenbeg, saving hundreds of hours. Alternately, in the hands of internet book pirates it could be a scary thing.

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