Everybody Likes to Watch

Last year Pew, a research company, found that 62 percent of surveyed adult American’s reported that they watch videos on online video sites such as YouTube.

This study revealed that video watching is more prevalent than social networking – only 46 percent of adult American’s surveyed said they were active on social networking sites. Another study by Princeton Survey Research International last year showed that same results.

Video watching online is popular.

What do these statistics mean for authors and publishers promoting books online?

A promotional book video has become an essential ingredient in an effective online book marketing campaign.

To be most effective, book videos – much like movie trailers – should only be 30 to 60 seconds in length. Internet users’ attention spans are short. They want their information in sound bites.

Recognizing the growth of promotional book videos, ForeWord Reviews is hosting a Book Trailer Contest. This contest is open to any author or publisher of an independently published book.

The winning book trailer will be determined by public vote. However, all promotional book videos entered in the contest will receive some great publicity as they all will be shown at the Indie Press Lounge at Book Expo America in New York in May.

The deadline to submit your promotional book video in the contest is May 15, 2010. Contest details and where to submit your video can be found here.

Of course, don’t just enter your book trailer in ForeWord Reviews’ contest. If you have a promotional book video, make sure to place it on as many video sharing websites as you can. The more places you post it, the higher the chances it will be watched and you will score more book sales.

Some great places to post your promotional book video include:

Enter your promotional book video in the ForeWord Reviews‘ contest and then head on over to Christian Book Videos or one of the other book video sites and find a new book to read.

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