Poem in My Pocket

Today, Thursday, April 29, is Poem in My Pocket Day, a part of April’s National Poetry Month.

To celebrate and honor Poem in My Pocket, I decided to deviate from my usual posts and share with you, my readers, two poems written by my lovely elementary-aged children.

Have You Ever Had a Friend?
By Rachel Bolme

Have you ever had a friend that was supposed to

Talk with you,

Laugh with you,

Cry with you, and

Play with you,

But instead, she goes and does all that with your little brother?

The Waves
By Talon Bolme

The waves are big,

The waves are strong,

They push me in the water,

And tumble me along.

There you are. I have shared with you two poems in honor of Poem in My Pocket Day.

I invite you to share a poem with me as well as others in your life today!

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