A Prayer for Publishers

Today is National Day of Prayer. Even with a U.S. court ruling that such a declaration from the government is unconstitutional, many around our country will still gather to acknowledge the role of prayer in our lives and in the health of our country.

I join with many today to offer up a prayer for our country and specifically, in this post, for those who minister through and publish the written word.

Father God,

You are awesome and holy. Through you, nations are built and planted and, through you, nations are uprooted, torn down, and destroyed. I pray that our great nation would repent, that we, its people, would mend our ways and turn with all our hearts to acknowledge and worship you, the only true God.

Today I specifically pray for those who minister through and publish the written word. May their hearts remain true to you. May you keep them pure and holy as you are holy. May their words and their witness draw people to you, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, through whom salvation is found.

Bless Christian authors and publishers in the United States and around the world. Keep them in the palm of your hand. Protect them and grant them encouragement and endurance to persevere when the way is difficult. May you make their plans succeed and grant their requests, so that your name may be praised.

Sustain those who have suffered in this difficult economic climate. Many have lost their jobs and suffered financial hardship. Others have had to shut down their publishing companies and watch their dreams disintegrate. Lord, I pray especially for these individuals. I ask that through their difficulties you would be near to them and meet their needs. May you grant them a fresh touch of your presence. Most of all, I ask that through their difficulties, may they be drawn into a deeper understanding of who you are so that they can begin afresh to minister to others.

May you continue to make all grace abound to us so that in all things, at all time, having all that we need, we can abound in every good work. Honor your promise to make us rich in every way so that we can be generous to others and bring glory and honor to your name in all that our hands find to do.


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