Is Your Book a Hand-Picked Strawberry?

It’s strawberry season. My whole family loves strawberries. Just the other day, I loaded my children into the car and drove 40 minutes to a strawberry farm so that we could pick strawberries.

By the time I got done paying for the gas and the strawberries, I probably paid twice as much per strawberry as I would in the grocery store. So, why do I continue my annual tradition of driving a long distance to hand-pick strawberries?

Store bought strawberries just don’t taste as good as a plump, freshly-picked, juicy strawberry.

The same can be said for a quality book. Why should consumers pass over cheaper books by large publishing houses to purchase your book?

There is only one answer: Because your book contains smoother prose, premium information, and pithier theology. In other words, it tastes better than the other books.

If you are not publishing and writing books that are superior to the mass market books, you might as well close shop. Few people will be lured past the brightly-colored, mass- produced books by big name authors to search for your title.

All the marketing in the world cannot make up for a book of inferior quality. So, make sure your books reflect the Author of Life and shines light on his wisdom. Then people will be drawn to your works and they will glorify your Father in heaven.

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