It’s All in a Name

One of the recurrent issues I hear from individuals who are starting a publishing company has to do with what to name their new publishing house. After all, a name is important.

New parents understand how important a name is. They frequently agonize over what to name their new offspring. They don’t want something that will cause their child to be ridiculed because the name is too old-fashions, too cute, or just rhymes with the wrong words.

So too, new publishers want a name for their publishing house that reflects the image they want to project. These publishers do not want a name that is already in use, that sounds self-published, or that is too narrow in scope.

Coming up with a name for publishing house (or a child) is not easy. My husband and I agonized for eight months over a boy’s name and finally got the inspiration for our son’s name from the back of a car – but that’s another story.

I have discovered a website that may help new publishers find a name for their fledgling publishing house.

It’s called Wordoid.

This free online service makes inventing a catchy name easy. You can create Wordoids in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. You can make your name soound natural, almost natural, or hardly natural in any of these languages. You can also determine the length of your name from 5 to 15 characters.

Wordoid also tells you whether the domain name for the wordoids it creates is available or not. So you can get a name and a URL for your new publishing house in one fell swoop.

Just for fun, I created a Wordoid using my first name, Sarah, and asked for it to be 10 characters long. This is what I got: Necessarah. I love it!

TweetIt from HubSpot


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