Wasted Trailers

The first annual Moby Awards for the best and worst in book trailers recently announced their winners.

One of the award categories was “Least Likely Trailer to Sell the Book.” The winner of this award went to Sounds of Murder by Patricia Rockwell. The video has since been removed from YouTube (I guess the author wasn’t happy about the award).

I personally think that the following book video should have been nominated and should have won the “Least Likely Trailer to Sell the Book” in the Moby Awards.

While this trailer has received over 500 views on YouTube, the book has not yet garnered one review on Amazon.com. The author went to some trouble to put together a book video. Too bad he hasn’t made the effort to find just one of his friends to post a review on Amazon.

Self-published authors, take a few lessons from this author’s missteps.

First, make sure your book has an awesome cover design that draws a potential reader to it. Your book cover is one of your most important marketing tools.

Second, make sure you have some friends who are willing to post reviews of your book on the major online bookstores such as Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

Third, don’t let your book’s promotional video be eligible to win the “Least Likely Trailer to Sell the Book” category in the Moby Awards.

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