Thoughts on Read-a-New-Book

September is Read-A-New-Book month. Does that mean read a newly published book? Or, does it mean read a book you have not read before?

I am leaning toward the latter. I think it means just read a book that is new to you.

That suits me just fine. I am not a re-reader. I don’t re-watch movies much either. As a result, I am always reading a “new” book.

In honor of Read-A-New-Book month, I thought I would share with you a new book I am reading this month.

The title of the book is The Devil in Pew Number Seven by Rebecca Nichols Alonzo. Let me tell you how I came to read this book.

First, I saw an ad in a magazine for the book. The name of the book caught my attention and drew me in. When I discovered the book was a true story, I wanted to know more about the book.

Second, I watched the promotional book video for this book to see if the story was worth my attention. The book video cemented my decision. I wanted to read this book.

I share this information with you to illustrate the following:

  1. Your book title is extremely important. It is your first line of marketing. The title of your book needs to catch people’s attention and draw them in.
  2. Ads and book trailers do impact book lovers’ decisions on what books to read. Yes, word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of book promotion. However, there are many people, like me, who are influenced by other means also.

So, ultimately, why did the ad and the book video hook me?

I love true life stories. Those of you who have followed by blog know that my favorite genre to read is biography / memoirs.

This book, in particular, caught my attention because it is about a North Carolina pastor and one of his parishioners. I am a preacher’s kid and I live in North Carolina. Done deal!

Not everyone will be hooked by an ad or a book trailer. It all comes back to knowing your target audience and reaching them. On the other hand, correctly placed ads and promotional book trailers are not a waste of good marketing dollars.


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