Marketing Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box means coming up with creative ways to do something. It is looking at the normal way of doing things and all the assumptions that people make and asking, “How can I do things differently?”

In book marketing, thinking outside the box can really pay off. Doing something that other authors and main-stream publishers are not doing can draw attention to an author and her book.

One self-published author, Steven Cohn, went way outside the box to market and sell his book. Watch this video and see what his creative thinking accomplished for him.

After watching, take some inspiration from Steven and brainstorm ways that you can market your books “outside the box.”


1 thought on “Marketing Outside the Box

  1. This was really helpful, and I liked the author so much that I looked the book up on amazon. It’s got my curiosity peaked now and I may have to buy a copy. Sounds unique — just like his approach to marketing. Thanks for posting this!


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