Christian eBooks Step Up to the Plate

Back in June, I lamented in my post “Where are the Christian eBook Stores?” that there were no online Christian stores dedicated to selling Christian ebooks. While many ebook stores exist, not one was dedicated solely Christian ebooks. Yet, many online bookstores exist that are dedicated solely to Christian print books.

Since that post, a few small Internet sites selling Christian ebooks have emerged. Although, not one of them appears small publisher friendly. One of these sites, Novo Ink, is keeping a larger percentage of the book price for each book they sell than most brick-and-mortar stores get, and is charging publishers a hefty fee to upload an ebook to their site.

Interestingly, Christian Book Distributors, the largest Christian book catalog found online at, began selling ebooks this fall. Not only did they launch an ebook store on their website, they introduced their own CBD Reader based on HTML 5 technology (the same technology Google Editions will be using).

The CBD Reader is a free reading platform that operates within the Internet browser of a computer, smartphone, or iPad. Hence, readers can access the ebooks they purchase immediately “in the cloud.” Those who have a reading device, such as a Kindle, can save a purchased ebook to their computer and from there place it on their e-reader.

I applaud Christian Book Distributors for coming up with this innovative way to sell ebooks. With the CBD Reader, only deals with one format and doesn’t have to worry about selling ebooks in all the different formats needed for the various reading devices.

This video describes the new CBD ebook store and free reader.

You can check out CBD’s new ebook store and try their e-reader reading platform by reading one of the free ebooks they are offering. Just click here and then click on “Try FREE eBooks” on the CBD website.

On the downside, Christian Book Distributors is not friendly to small publishers. Therefore, an online Christian ebook store that accommodates small publishers is still needed. Sigh.