Wear it Wednesday

Have you heard of Wear it Wednesday?

This program was launched earlier this year by a 22-year-old with the goal of recruiting a million Christians youth to wear their favorite Christian t-shirts each Wednesday as a way of coming together to share and proclaim their faith.

Already, more than 250,000 people nationwide have joined the effort. You can too.

I believe Wear it Wednesday presents an awesome marketing opportunity for any Christian author or publisher with a book geared toward teens.

Here is what you can do. Print a bunch of t-shirts with your book cover image on one side of the t-shirt and a Christian message on the other side (message should be related to your book). Then head on over to the youth group at your church, and tell the teens there about Wear it Wednesday.

Give each kid a free t-shirt to wear the following Wednesday and encourage them to log-in to www.WearitWednesday.com. There they can register and post pictures of themselves wearing your t-shirt the first Wednesday and whatever other Christian t-shirt they choose to wear on subsequent Wednesdays.

Follow my simple advice and you will garner publicity or your book and at the same time encourage teens to stand up for their beliefs and be a witness for Jesus Christ in the world.

P.S. Feel free to send me a copy of your t-shirt also.


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