How Do You Sign an eBook?

The answer: You can’t, at least not yet.

Here is the beauty of innovation. When a need for something is recognized, someone usually rises up to fill the need.

A new company has done just that. Enter Autography LLC, located in St. Petersburg, Florida. This company has developed a method for inserting an autography or other salutation into an ebook. The program is a computer application that allows writers using a stylus to sign a blank page which is then delivered via email and can be inserted behind the title page of almost any ebook.

The catch: It’s not available yet. Autography is waiting for its patent application to be approved.

In the meantime, authors will just have to find other creative ways to personalize their ebooks. For example, an author can take a digital photo of himself with a fan who purchases an ebook at an event. This photo can then be uploaded to the fan’s phone or social media site. The drawback is that the photo cannot be inserted into the ebook.

Hopefully, Autography will get their patent soon. Not only will this technology benefit authors, it will also help those people who purchase an ebook as a gift and want to inscribe a note within the ebook.