Exceptional Book Covers

When it comes to selling books, book covers matter even for ebooks. Your book cover design is one of the most important marketing tools used to sell your book. Investing in a well-designed book cover is worth it. Some experts estimate that 80% of all books are sold based on their book cover design. Although I think that this figure is a little high, I do know that a poor book cover will deter sales.

Every year, the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) hosts the ECPA / dp Book Cover Award. To nominate a title for this award, a publisher must be a member of ECPA. Three books are chosen each year.

For 2011, the following book covers were chosen as having exemplary designs. They are:

  • Six Way to Keep the “Little” in Your Girl, Author: Dannah Gresh, Publisher: Harvest House
  • Folks, This Ain’t Normal, Author: Joel Salatin, Publisher: Faithwords
  • Produced by Faith, Author: DeVon Franklin, Publisher: Howard Books

Book cover design matters. Studying winning book cover designs can help you know how to pick a good book cover for your next title.

Look at these award-winning book covers and their various design elements. The ECPA / dp Book Cover Award winners are chosen based on how the book cover design elements match the characteristics of their intended audience. Knowing your audience and what appeals to them is important in designing a good book cover that will drive sales.

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Book cover design does matter. After all, tasteful, visually appealing, and professionally designed book covers will drive both traditional print books and e-book sales.Bookmark and Share