Tag It…or Not

Tags are powerful. These little words on websites and blog posts are what search engines grab when compiling search results.

Using the right tags can draw people to your website, posts, and even books on Amazon.com.

Here is my advice. Tags are wonderful, but beware of the tags you use.

Back in 2009, when I first started this blog, I loved tags. However, I did not use much discretion in my choice. Any word or phrase in a post that I thought would be a good search engine request, I used.

For example, back in July 2009, I wrote a post called “Where is Your Hook Cast?” To get massive traffic, I used the tags fishing hook, fish hook, and fishing hooks.

It worked! Soon, the tag words referring the most people to my blog post were these very search engine terms. Even a year and a half later, these three little phrases are the most frequent search engine term traffic generators to my blog.

Why? Because many people love to fish and are looking for fishing hooks online.

It really didn’t work. Those people coming to my blog from the “fishing hook” search engine terms are looking for a nice new place to cast their line, not for advice on marketing Christian books.

New readers are not being attracted to my blog from these “fishing” tags. My blog’s target audience is by-and-large small publishers producing materials for the Christian market. I can guarantee you that most of these people will not be searching for “fishing hooks” to find how to better market their books.

My point is this. Tags are powerful, but only if the tags chosen drive the right readers to your blog. In other words, don’t just fish for readers.