Could Just One Page Sell Your Book?

Some people believe so.

It’s the whole idea behind two websites that believe one page of the interior of a book demonstrates the quality of the whole, and thus sells a potential reader on the book.

These two websites and believe that the 99th page of a book is all a reader needs to see to decide whether he or she will purchase the book.

It’s an interesting idea. I am not sure I am completely sold on it.

Here is the 99th page of my book, Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace. Does it make you want to buy the whole book?

At least the 99th page of my book does show that the book really does list specific resources with contact information so that publishers and authors can find and use the resources listed in the book.

What about your book? Would page 99 convince you to buy your own book? Would it convince others? —and— Do you think the 99th page test works better for a fiction or a nonfiction book?

Try it out. You can submit your book’s 99th page to Listing on this website is free, and who knows, you might actually sell more books.


1 thought on “Could Just One Page Sell Your Book?

  1. OMG!! It is accurate, at least for me!! Page 99 is a GREAT page–wholistic in the concept it is trying to convey. I hope others find this article as helpful as I did:)


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