Who’s Buying eBooks?

Recently, Smashwords, an ebook publishing and distribution platform for ebook authors, publishers, and readers, crunched their data to find out where their ebook sales were coming from.

Using the 20,000 ebooks Smashwords distributes to Barnes & Noble, they tracked where the ebooks were being sold.

The finding was very interesting. Here are the top five states per capita for ebook consumption:

1.  Alaska
2.  North Dakota
3.  Utah
4.  Wyoming
5.  Virginia

I find this data fascinating. The top four states are not the states that would be considered on the leading edge of the digital revolution. Rather, they shout, “sparsely populated and fairly remote.” In other words, these states lack large metropolitan cities (okay they may have one or two, but not the numbers that other states boast). It would appear that the more remote people are, the less access they have to big-box stores and major bookstores. Perhaps, downloading ebooks provides the quickest access to the information and reading pleasure they desire.

I believe that the world is following this trend. English-speaking people in other countries are finding it much easier to download the ebook version of a book they want rather then order it internationally, which means paying extra and waiting for the book to arrive.

If this data is true, as a publisher can widen the reach of your books simply by making them available in ebook format.


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