Caring for Customers

Customer service is a key ingredient in your business whether you sell one book or hundreds of books.

In his new book, The Thank You Economy, social media guru Gary Vynerchuk argues that in order to thrive in the new normal 24/7/365 Internet-connected world, businesses have to care about their customers even more comprehensively than is suggested by the perennial mantra, “The customer is always right.”

A study by Cone Business on social media found that 43% of people felt that businesses should use their social media presence to solve customer problems. Another 41% felt that businesses should use social media to solicit feedback. People want to know and feel that the businesses they are interacting with will take care of them and their needs.

This means that to be successful today, you must truly care about your customers. This includes showing good manners, having patience, being honest and authentic, and staying accessible (responding in a timely manner).

Take care of your customers, earn and keep their trust, and you will be rewarded.

However, if you produce books for the Christian marketplace, books that are meant to draw people closer to God, I encourage you to go beyond just taking care of your customers. Truly care for them and their needs.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can go beyond “taking care of” to truly “caring” for your customers:

  1. Take the time to really listen when they talk.
  2. Pray for your customers. Pray for the people who have already purchased your books and those that are yet to make a purchase.
  3. Have a Godly attitude even when you feel the customer is in the wrong. Trust that, even when you don’t feel like agreeing with the customer, you are ministering to that person in the name of Jesus.

Truly caring for your customers is a tall order. As human beings, we all fall short of the mark at times. Still, I encourage you to strive not just to take care of your customers, but to truly care for them, their needs, and most of all their souls.


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