eBook Sales Keep Going Up

For the past few years, ebook sales have grown and grown and grown. Then, in February, ebooks outsold all other formats of books (paperbacks, hardcovers, religious, etc).

Some people are predicting the demise of the print book. However, there is still a segment of people who have not yet embraced ebooks.

Watch what Andy Rooney has to say about ebooks.

How about you? Do you read more ebooks than print books yet?


2 thoughts on “eBook Sales Keep Going Up

  1. I don’t think that P-Books will ever be “extinct,” but like the digital watch generally eclipsed the analog watch, E-Books will probably eclipse P-Books. I think this especially true for novels. Non-fiction, especially non-fiction with footnotes, may be a different story. It’s pretty hard following footnotes on an e-reader.

    Unfortunately, the publisher/bookstore business model is becoming unsustainable. Add to this the high (and going higher) cost of gasoline, and you can see why people are buying more books online. I can buy a book on Amazon and have it appear (for free) on my Kindle in under a minute. I can even get free books, delivered for free to my Kindle.

    The paradigm is shifting and we as authors, readers, and publishers have to be prepared to shift as well, or we’ll be left by the wayside.

    Just my thoughts.


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