Too Good to Be True?

I am frequently amazed at authors and publishers that do not take advantage of free venues to promote and market their books. Most of these opportunities take little time and provide additional exposure for a book.

One free channel for promoting books is Facebook. Facebook allows anyone to create a free business page on their website. Yet, many small publishers are not taking advantage of this free marketing opportunity.

If you fall into the camp of those who are not using Facebook, you may be thinking, “Facebook is over-rated. The hassle of creating and maintaining a Facebook page is greater than the return.”

Think again.

The average Facebook user becomes a fan of two pages every month. Facebook pages are popular and effective for reaching a crowd of people with your product and message.

Did you know that Facebook has a Facebook page? Yep. Facebook’s page has 44,142,917 fans.

YouTube uses Facebook to promote its website. Youtube has a Facebook page with 37,460,390 fans.

The second-largest and the third-largest online social networking sites use Facebook to promote their services. Both LinkedIn and MySpace have Facebook pages promoting their social media sites.

Sound crazy? It’s not. These companies recognize that Facebook is the number one social networking site and that using Facebook is an effective way to reach a large number of people without paying a lot of money. It’s not too good to be true; it’s just true.

How about you? Are you taking advantage of the powerful marketing opportunity that Facebook offers you for free?


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