My Rant

The other weekend, my 10-year-old daughter accompanied me to the grocery store. The girl loves to read. Often, she brings a book with her on errands.

As my daughter wheeled the cart around the store after me, she also read her book (she takes after her mother in the multi-tasking department). A father stopped me and said, “You should write a book about how to get your kids to read while they help you instead of just look at a digital screen.” (Of course, this gentleman had no idea I was an author). I thanked him for the compliment.

As we left the store, my daughter said, “Mom, are you going to write that book?” My response to her was that many parenting books have already been written and that getting children to read rather than play with digital devices is part of a parent’s job.

I truly don’t think a book would help the issue.

A recent study in the UK by the National Literacy Trust showed that three in 10 British children live in households that do not contain a single book. An additional one in 10 children live in homes with 10 or fewer books. On the other hand, 85% or 17 out of 20 children owned a game console and 81% (basically eight out of 10) have a mobile phone.

I am sure the statistics for the United States are similar.

The problem is many people don’t value books. I can count on one hand the number of times my children have received a book as a birthday present at one of their birthday parties. When I attend baby showers, rarely does anyone give the expectant mother books for her baby. I love to give books at baby showers. After all, my husband and I created Baby Bible Board Books to teach the youngest hearts about Jesus.

I don’t believe that digital books are helping children read more. Thus far the research indicates that people who already value and read books are the ones using e-readers to read; they are simply switching mediums.

The love of reading must be taught. Playing video games is easier on the brain than reading. We are creatures of comfort. We will choose the easy road over the hard one, given the choice. Children are no different. Parents must step up to the plate and create an atmosphere in their homes that values reading. If this does not happen, I fear for the future of our nation.


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4 thoughts on “My Rant

  1. I call it the digital seduction. I think it’s part of the end. The Creep is keeping people seduced away from anything real. Of course, there is also the Lord behind this—for how is the whole world going to see the two witnesses after the Gospel is shared with the whole world?

    The lack of reading has been going on for at least a couple generations now. We had a son-in-law with a degree in business who would do anything to avoid reading. He couldn’t see that it was a major reason why he never did well.

    Think of all the things the enemy has done to break up community and pull us apart from reality. The 19th century was mere prep for the 20th with cars, movies, TV, computers, email, the Web, myspace, facebook, and on we go into digital isolation and separation—prepared for the global communication necessary for the new world order and the antichrist.

    We taught our daughter to love to read, but she no longer has time. There are many things in play with all of this. Parents have a rough go of it now. It helps me to remember the purpose of this Great Delusion. It’s allowed by the Lord (to fulfill prophecy) but its source is surely in the world and in the spiritual authorities that rule there.


  2. I agree the Deceiver is at work in this. Not only are people not reading books, they are not reading their Bibles either!


  3. Re: “not reading their Bibles either!” That’s always been a matter of choice. Bible reading has to be a personal commitment. Many Christians did not read their Bibles regularly before the computer. On the other hand, I find Bible Gateway a great help and blessing in my Bible reading.


  4. Bible gateway is essential. I have about five more sites like that which I use in my studies while writing Bible studies. gives me access to Strongs gets me access to a good Greek lexicon (and a Hebrew one if I need it) gives me access to Vine’s

    There are a few more I always list in my Bible study books, but I just put them into a folder on my Bookmark bar and open the folder in tabs when I start my Bible study and time with the Lord.

    There are certainly others, but they usually have ads or some complexity that gets in the way. I rely on these


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