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Do You Blog?

Do You Review Christian Books on Your Blog?

Then Sign Up for BookCrash!

BookCrash is a new review program for bloggers offering free copies of new books from Christian publishers.

Why the name BookCrash? Because we believe that, once in awhile, a good book crashes into your life and changes your world.

Are you ready for your world to be changed? Then sign up to be a book reviewer for BookCrash books.

Books offered on BookCrash come from the over 100 member publishers of Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA). These are all quality books with the potential to change lives!

Any blogger with a regular following of readers can sign up to be a review blogger for the books featured on BookCrash. In exchange for a free review copy of a book, bloggers are asked to write a fair review of the book and post it on their blog and one other consumer book.

Here is how it works:

  1. You sign up at BookCrash to become a reviewer.
  2.  We approve you as a review blogger.
  3. You browse the books available for review on BookCrash and request a copy of the book you are interested in reviewing.
  4. You receive the book for free.
  5. You read the book.
  6. You write a 200-word fair review of the book and post it on your blog and one other consumer book site (such as or
  7. You send BookCrash links to your review.
  8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 as often as you like.

To learn more, to browse the books currently available for review, or to sign up to be a review blogger, visit

If you know of a blogger who would be interested in reviewing books, please help spread the word.

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