Is There a Hole in Your Book?

Marketing is all about getting people’s attention. In essence, marketing is any activity that connects a consumer to a product. To do this, you must first get people’s attention.

In our world, we are inundated with marketing messages. In fact, we are overloaded with marketing messages. Due to this overload, it is becoming increasingly harder to grab people’s attention.

Creative, innovative marketing gimmicks are almost required to really gain attention in a world of stuff. This includes books. With over 400,000 new books published each year, publishers and authors must get creative to attract attention for their books.

CSPA member publisher Sheaf House understands the need for marketing creativity to garner attention. This publisher recently released a new novel, Quest for the Nail Prints by Don Furr. Don had the brilliant idea to drive a nail print through each book to make the book appear unique and attract attention.

For a few cents more per book, Sheaf House manufactured each book with a huge hole through the middle. The hole resembles a nail hole. This hole has made the book’s appearance unique and interesting, attracting attention.

A hole may not be appropriate for your book, but some other gimmick will be. Consider how you can create a unique design or book cover element to grab readers’ attention and create interest in your next book.

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2 thoughts on “Is There a Hole in Your Book?

  1. I came over from the Book Marketing Blog Carnival. I’m glad to have found you. Is there an easy way for me to subscribe to your blog? I usually like to subscribe by email, but I’m thinking now of switching to Google reader. But when I l click on your meta link I don’t get a feed.


  2. Welcome Sally! You should be able to subscribe by email to this blog. Right under my picture on the right hand side of the blog there is a link to “subscribe by email”. If you click on this, it should let you get the blog posts via your email account. Have a great day!


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